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Pandemic Experience

During the pandemic, I found that I had a lot of time with myself, and that led to an amazing kind of experience where I tried sorting my priorties and what was important to me going forward.

I ended up being able to grow as an artist and a person for this reason. Both the time I had with myself let me perfect areas of my craft in 3D modeling that I was no entirely familiar with, and it also gave me the chance to talk and develop a lot of wonderful friendships.

Currently, I am experiencing what I think is the happiest i’ve been in my life as a result of how the pandemic has made me accept myself as a person, and grow to meet new people once it started to become safer to do so. I felt I was able to connect to people mor honestly and be myself around them.

This is an animatic based of the Disney show Amphibia that i’ve been working on. I really got into storyboarding during this time, an di’m currently working on a storyboard right now for a future project.

On my Twitter, I post more about the status of what i’m working on but recently i’ve been thinking about changing that since Instagrams algorithm is just not good for art. Twitter also let’s you post more explicit imagery, which i’ve been wanting to do.

This is a link to my Instagram, where I recently also posted the same reel as on Twitter. Follow me there for a little more than on Twitter.

I also have a YouTube, that i’ve been meaning to get more into and do more editing and videos etc. As well, as possibly streaming on Twitch and such.

The Piece, A short film project I worked on a couple years ago. We worked with a small team to complete this and I’m happy with how far we made it despite it being the first project we ever took from pre production to rough cut.

This short film project actually helped me do more environment stuff, which I was no accustomed to. I’m really happy I stepped out of comfort zone though, because now I can very much draw and create environment and properly work with scale. Something I need to know for future projects.

Currently, I’m working on another cinematic project and things are already shaping up a lot smoother and faster, due to the process of learning the production pipeline on this first project. All of this would not have been possible if the pandemic did not give me the time to reflect on my priorties. I’d like to leave a link to a tutorial of the Unreal Engine that really helped me get started working with such an amazing program. It’s worth the learning curve.

This is the hour of code: Part 1 of 5. If you watch and follow the whole thing, you’ll understand how to get started in Unreal no problem.

Here is the link to donwload the project file, as well as the Unreal website link. You can download the Unreal Engine by going to the EpicGames website, installing the launcher and downloading it directly from the launcher.

As a parting gift for now, here is a Cel shader i’ve been working on in the Unreal Engine. I’ts not much, but I think it’s pretty cool.

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