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Art Gallery: Storytelling

The gallery I picked out was due simply to personal taste. It has a lot of anatamoical art, or exagerrated expression/ body proportions. In other cases, I picked something that makes me feel existential. The process of finding them was mostly new discovery since most of the art I chose was things I’ve never seen before, but a couple were selected with previous knowledge of the artsit.

The story i’m trying to tell via the gallery is more or less a narrative about time passing. Which is why “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” was used, orginally it was supposed to have “The Persistance of Memeory” but it was not in the website to my surprise.

List of Art in the gallery:

  • The Great Wave of Kanagawa
  • Boy Sitting In the Grass
  • Wrap Overcoat with Dolman Sleeves
  • Evening Dress with Shoulder Straps and Cinched Waist
  • Woman Sitting, Curled Up
  • Marilyn
  • The Torture of Ixion
  • Saint Rosalie Interceding for the City of Palermo
  • Divine Comedy, Hell: Canto 19
  • Jeu D’eches Fingers

Overview of my Art Gallery
The Great Wave Of Kanagawa

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