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This semester was espcially challanging for me, not because the classes were any harder, but because I found that a lot of teachers had a bad level of organization. They would reuse previous instructions for new material, making it super confusing. I had a really poor time this semester. However, I did like my concentration class and the class that helped me start this WordPress.

This class was very organized and some of the activities were fun, The only thing I would overall have to critique is that it’s confusing not having the assingments on the school website on specifically somwhere else. I usually end up forgetting because I have to go out of my way from the convinience of Canvas. (The schools website.) Overall, though this class was generally a good experience.

I’m not sure how i’ll continue to used wordpress in the future, but i’ll manage to reimagine it some way shape or form to work better for my concentration class. I was thinking of using it as some for of documentation for when I explore new programs. Until then, this is the conclusion of my reflection.


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