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5 Instagtam Profiles I Recommend:

The first page I recommend is James Turners art page. He’s the art director for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and very frequently makes cute wallpapers of his drawings for mobile phones.

I recommend to all fans of ArcSystemWorks games to follow their page for updates on new characters, or additions to older games such as re-releases or rollback netcode.

To stay up to date on Guilty Gear and other ArcSystemWorks fighting games.

I find this page fun solely for the cosplays but I think as a horror enthusiast you would have fun seeing this page for the reviews of horror media as well.

For horror entertainment reviews and cosplay.

This page I use to study the animation breakdowns as an animator myself. It is super useful to understand some of the principles of animation and how they can be used to effectively communicate with the audience.

An animation breakdown page that helps with deconstructing the principles of animation in media.

This is an artist I discovered after figuring out they worked on the background of Tangled the animated series. (Which you should watch.) They have a YouTube channel that goes over artist portfolio for working in the industry and serve as good inspiration.

An artist who at the time of writing, is currently working as a background artist for DisneyTV.

5 Websites I recommend for news:

The reason why I recommend YouTube is beacuse aside from being updated with news from many sources, you can also see many peoples opinions via Podcast or comments. It’s a good way to do reasearch so long as you are careful, as with all research.

Twitter is my second recommendation. I usually use a combination of multiple sources. So I might hear about a situation intially from Twitter, but look for information about it elsewhere, and then look for an audience reaction on Twitter.

I recommend ArtStation as a place to be updated on both game development, art, and current jobs that are always being updated. It also works as a portfolio for artist interested in the line of work.

The final two links I recommend are the websites of ElNuevoDia and Primerhora because they update on local news. Well, for those who live in Puerto Rico.


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